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By: Joseph Casper, Casper Funeral Services

There are two reasons why you are willing to pay more for something. Either you don't know that there are options available to you or you could care less about the cost.

I don't know about you but I always get a second opinion. I subscribe to the age old adage: "Measure twice, cut once." In these trying and complicated financial times, spending less for something that costs more, is certainly something to think about.

If you or someone you know is faced with a "Funeral Emergency" and the choice is cremation, how much are you willing to pay? Would you be willing to pay an extra $1,000; $2,000 or even more than the lowest cost? Does the final and complete cost for a cremation service matter to you?

You've seen our ads for “Simplicity” Cremation Services. Our total cost for a simple cremation service is $1,395.00. You certainly can pay lots more if you wish. That is an available option. If the amount you spend for a cremation service is of no consequence to you, then money doesn't matter.

Casper Funeral Service is the choice for people who care more about spending less.

Funeral service providers can charge you whatever they want for any service they list. By federal law they are required to give you a price list for every service they offer. The difference from what they charge and what you are willing to pay is the question.

Once you receive the price list, it's either good for you or it is not acceptable. Why wouldn't you get a second opinion for a simple cremation? Gone are the days when you walked into a funeral home and they gave you a price and you paid it. You're not still doing that are you?

Every funeral service starts with a basic cost and then the list of extra services begins. Casper cremation service has no extra charges of any kind. Unlike other funeral service providers who may charge membership fees; extra for house removals; removal of a pacemaker; mileage charges; sheltering of the deceased and more... We Do Not! The total cost for our complete Casper cremation service is $1,395.00 anywhere in Massachusetts.

Not only is our Simplicity cremation cost fair and reasonable, people without funds are able to get state assistance in the amount of $1,100 toward our $1,395.00 cremation service. If the deceased has limited assets (no more than $400.00) they are eligible for the $1,100.

If they are eligible, we do all of the paperwork. There is no extra charge for that as well.

Casper Funeral Service is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and has been a funeral service provider in Massachusetts for nearly a century. We are family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on being friendly, responsible and responsive.

We urge you to always get a second opinion and even a third. These are tough economic times for people with limited funds. When faced with a "Funeral Emergency" you should demand the best service at the lowest cost. If you would like to talk things over, give Casper Funeral Service a call at 800-314-1890 toll-free or 617-269-1930.